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How Codeo Recycles EPOS, Barcode and Chip & Pin Equipment

We specialise in refurbished equipment

We specialise in buying back used equipment, repairing it, and giving it a second life.

For a number of years, our company has also contributed to the protection of the environment and sustainable development. We believe that destruction must be limited and that all equipment can serve a second life.

Our actions to Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

All the used equipment, payment terminals, POS and barcode readers we buyback are refurbished or recycled as necessary.

All buybacks undergo full diagnostics to establish the potential for repair.

Functional units are tested, cleaned and re-used, and sold with warranty.

Unrepairable EPOS, chip and pin and barcode units are deconstructed and all functioning components are removed and re-used.

Components damaged beyond repair are recycled in accordance with current EU regulations

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