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Trade-in Your Used POS, Chip and Pin, and Barcode equipment to Finance Your Upgrade

A flexible and fast solution to maxamise the value of unwanted IT assets

Resell your equipment with ease

  1. Using our template document, simply list the models and quantities of your POS, chip and pin, or barcode equipment
  2. Send us your units
  3. We audit what you have sent us
  4. We make it our job to sell them for the best price possible for you

We take care of the selling process from start to finish

  • We take care of the logistics: the transport, the storing, the stock management
  • We restore your units with a test and clean
  • We use our network of over 800 partners and our established sales teams to sell your equipment

Full disclosure of our selling prices

  • We decide on a minimum selling price together to prevent any misunderstanding
  • Codeo will keep you regularly updated on the sales made and, depending on the type of equipment and the agreement made, can give commission of up to 50% of our selling price
  • Should there be any concerns about transparency, we would be able to provide you with the invoices to confirm our selling price

Maintain control of your equipment

  • Your goods will remain available in our warehouse until they are sold
  • If at any point you wish to take back your equipment, simply let us know and we will make it available for you to collect.

And if the goods are not sold?

If your POS, chip and pin, or barcode equipment has not been sold after a year in our warehouse, you have the choice to either collect your hardware or leave it with us.

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