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Codeo continues to expand its international presence.

Over the course of the 11 years since it was created, Codeo has developed an international presence by opening new sales offices and technical centers.

The desire to be the European leader in refurbished hardware has led Codeo to expand beyond Europe’s borders. By opening a new Technical Center in Poland in 2015, the lead time for orders coming from Eastern countries and Asia has been drastically reduced.

In 2016, the company sets new objectives to surpass itself and work more closely with its clients in order to shorten lead times, better adapt to client processes, and offer a larger amount of refurbished units.

4 sites in Europe

Codeo in France, near Lyon

Codeo manages its international trade from its main office in France, in Curis au Mont d’Or (69) near the city of Lyon.

Codeo in England, in Bristol

From Bristol, Julian Ridge (UK Sales Manager) and his team cover all of Northern Europe.

Codeo in Germany, near Frankfurt

In 2016, Codeo continues its development in Germany by opening a new office near Frankfurt.

Codeo in Poland, near Warsaw

In 2015, Codeo opens a new Technical Center based in Poland. Establishing this site has allowed to deploy a team of over 20 technicians.

Efficiant market presence !

Examples of markets Codeo is working closely with: Spain, Russia, Italy and the United States.

Our teams continue to develop contacts and find buy-back opportunities on the European and North American markets, notably on older generations of equipment, to continue offering you a growing list of product at attractive prices.

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