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Offset the cost of new hardware with Codeo's buyback solution

Do you have old or unused EPOS, chip & pin or barcode equipment that could sell to help finance new hardware?  

Codeo can buyback all your unwanted equipment

As experts in retail IT hardware, our technicians will evaluate the quality and condition of your IT assets to give you the best possible price.

Explore our buyback options

Save money when purchasing EPOS, chip & pin and barcode equipment

Sell your old equipment to help fund buying more.

Codeo helps you to upgrade your IT assets by reselling your used EPOS, Chip & Pin and Barcoding equipment.

Offset the cost of your upgrade

The solution to finance new equipment

For purchasing your new equipment, think Codeo!

We have have a huge range of new and used EPOS, chip & pin and barcode hardware.

  • Refurbished Equipment

    The best of second life equipment!

    Tested, cleaned and subject to a strict quality control, our EPOS, Chip & Pin and Barcoding equipment offer both an economic and effective solution.

  • New Equipment

    With international sourcing, Codeo is in a position to offer you brand new material.

    We are partners with some of the biggest EPOS, chip & pin and barcode manufacturers, allowing you access to the latest euipment on the market at discounted prices.

Do you require a buy-back offer on POS, Chip and Pin, Barcode readers, a quotation or information?

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