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Lowering my Carbon Footprint

Codeo's vision is to overcome the challenges companies face with environmental issues by offering alternative solutions for IT asstets.

We give our customers the opportunity to reduce the negative impact IT hardware can have on the environment by offering to buyback legacy and unwanted equipment.

Contribute to sustainable development by allowing Codeo to buyback your unwanted EPOS, chip & pin and barcode hardware.

We can give your equipment a second life. This cuts down on waste, avoids landfill, and provides a greener solution.

At Codeo, we collect all your equipment, test and repair it -if necessary- with spare parts already available to us. Then we proceed to the resale!

Make the choice to go green. Work with Codeo to upgrade your point of sale, chip & pin and barcode hardware.

Reduce your carbon footprint with a Codeo Buyback

With a growing industry, Codeo participates in reducing the carbon footprint created within the EPOS, Chip & Pin and Barcoding market.

We maintain a privileged relationship with our manufacturing partners to prolong the life of your EPOS, Chip & Pin and Barcoding terminals.

Codeo’s Philosophy: to give a second life to all redundant equipment!

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