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Codeo Care - Total Coverage

Do you have a large estate of barcode, POS or chip and pin hardware that is coming to the end of the manufacturer’s warranty?

With Total Coverage from Codeo Care, you can continue to have your entire estate covered.

A complete coverage for your barcode POS and Chip and Pin hardware.

With its Total Coverage formula, Codeo Care takes over the reins from your manufacturer for the maintenance of your estate. An easy solution that keeps you covered for all of your devices.

The Total Coverage contract covers you for the period of one year based on a fixed price multiplied by the number of terminals in your estate. It doesn’t change no matter how many times you have to send in units for repair so there are no surprises when it comes to price.

Speed and flexibility warranty

This is our fastest solution, from reception of your device; our maintenance team will repair your hardware within 5 days before shipping it back to you.

For an unlimited number of repairs across your entire estate, choose Total Coverage!

Total Coverage is the premium solution for repairs.

Choose the easy option!

With Total Coverage you will be better able to manage your budget through an annual contract.

Total Coverage is also:

  • A service lead by our own expert technicians, covered by our warranty with guaranteed deadlines.
  • Customisable, if you have specific requirements we can take these in to account
  • Repairs for small or large faults including physical damage

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