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Codeo Care - Flexi

As its name suggests, the Flexi offer is the most flexible maintenance solution offered by Codeo Care.

With no pressure or commitment, we tailor make an offering that fits your own individual needs.

A repair contract that is adapted to your needs.

With the Flexi formula, you only pay for units as we repair them. Through discussions with your account manager, you will determine the specifics of the offer, based on your budget constraints and maintenance needs for your hardware.

By choosing the Flexi offer by Codeo Care, you get;

  • A flexible offer that has fixed prices for a year
  • Control of your budget, you only pay for hardware that is sent in….Pay as you ship!

  • Repairs completed within 5 days and a warranty of 3 months (for the fault fixed)

For each of Barcode, POS or Chip and Pin, we have 3 options.

Ideal for the small to medium sized business, the flexi offer is adapted to your individual budget constrainsts and specific maintenance requirements.

Knowing that everyones requiremetns are different, we have split the offering in to three solutions:

  • Flexi Basic – 2 prices, one for light repairs and one for more extensive repairs
  • Flexi Select – a fixed price for any breakdown up to a certain (pre-defined) level of damage. Anything above this pre-defined level will be returned, or replacement unit sold, as defined in the contract.
  • Flexi Plus – All repairs are covered and one pre agreed price.

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