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Codeo Care - Coupon

Would you like to manage the cost of repairs of your EPOS, barcode and chip & pin equipment over a set time frame?

These vouchers are made for you. No need for a contract, you can simply ship the units to us with prepaid coupons and we will repair as necessary.

Vouchers for flexible repairs

Manage the maintenance of your hardware freely with Codeo Care Vouchers!

Without contractual engagements, we offer you a booklet with 10 repair vouchers which you can use whenever you wish.

A voucher has a validity of up to 24 months. For a 10 day maintenance delay. The repaired equipment is then insured 3 months if the problem persists.

For efficient maintenance of your barcode/EPOS/ chip & pin hardware

Do you have a small quantity of EPOS, barcode or payment terminal hardware? Do you have occasional needs for repairs?

Do you have a small amount of hardware which does not warrant an annual maintenance contract?

Choose Simplicity. This Codeo Care Voucher solution guarantees you a fixed cost of repairs over a time frame chosen by you.

You control the cost of your repairs whilst benefitting from the best of Codeo’s maintenance expertise.

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