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Long term Rental and Leasing

Do you need to rent Barcode terminals for a prolonged period? Do you wish to acquire equipment and keep it within budget?

Codeo has the answer! Optimise your expenses by choosing our long term rental service with an option for purchase.

Long term leasing: The balance between buying and renewing

Codeo’s long term rental service meets your needs for barcode hardware for any period up to 12 months. With a rental contract you benefit from unlimited use of barcode equipment without ever having to buy the units.

Renting with Codeo is the solution to maintain a consistent estate of hardware. When the rental period ends you can choose to renew the contract or become the owner of the equipment.

If you prefer to keep the equipment after the rental, leasing with Codeo is the perfect solution!

Facilitate the growth of your estate with manageable payments over a set period to ultimately. A simple and economic solution to manage your barcode estate.

Long term management of your barcode estate

Leasing with Codeo has a number of advantages!

  • Maintain a consistent estate of barcode hardware by benefitting from Codeo’s maintenance service for old equipment. As you can continue to rent more products from Codeo while we repair your old equipment.
  • Benefit from modern equipment. By renewing your rental contract you can upgrade your hardware and to more recent models.
  • Manage your budget by spreading the costs of acquiring hardware. Leasing means terminals are accounted for in operation costs rather than investment!

Codeo’s flexible rental solution for inventory terminals

As leading European experts codeo offers a personalised rental solution to suit your needs.

We will respond to your request as fast as we can!

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