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In 2017, Codeo has...

14, 5 millions € in sales revenue

Over 2000 clients in manufacturing, logistics, retail...

Over 15.000 rentals annually

Over 100.000 products sold annually

4 locations in France, England, Germany and Poland

Over 600 End-Users to work with on buybacks and recycling of equipment

Over 100 bilingual employees all over Europe

Over 30 technical experts

A large technical center just outside of Lyon, France.

  • 500 m2 of dedicated space for logistics and technical support.
  • Highly qualified technical and logistical teams dedicated to preparing and repairing over 50,000 units annually.
  • A 500-skid stock capacity.
  • A preparation and maintenance lab for the repair and refurbishing of technical hardware.
  • A rental wing with a 4000 unit capacity.

A new Technical Center in Poland, near Warsaw.

Codeo continues to expand its presence on the world stage and now has a new Technical Center in Poland.

  • A team of more than 20 technicians tasked with preparing, repairing and refurbishing barcode, chip & pin, and POS equipment.
  • Hundreds of square meters of space for logistics.
  • Several hundreds units in stock ready-to-ship for urgent requests.
  • A maintenance center optimised for all processes.