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Our buyback solution for used POS, Chip and Pin and Barcode equipment

Buying back used equipment helps promote sustainable development

Codeo has been working for years to give electronic goods a second life because we believe in protecting the environment and limiting waste.

Here at Codeo we have committed to a long term project to protect and preserve our planet. We do this by buying back used and redundant EPOS equipment, chip and pin terminals and barcode scanners and giving hardware a second life.

The real advantages of reselling your equipment

Choosing to sell your old equipment to Codeo is THE alternative solution for:

  • Getting value for stock that you no longer use
  • Reducing the overall cost of replacing your equipment
  • Avoiding paying to recycle your POS, chip & pin, and barcode equipment
  • Reducing your carbon footprint

We offer two options for selling your used POS, chip & pin, and barcode equipment : Buybacks and Consignment Stock

The different options for reselling your equipment

Buyback Solution

We pay to take away your unwanted equipment

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Trade-In Solution

We make your unwanted equipment available for resale

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